What here is

Pocket-Philosopher -Any person who freely expresses their opinions on life, based on personal experiences.

I guess this marks a decision to start collecting ideas. Most of what I've thought is lost to memory, both mine and others.

On music and productivity (for music lovers)

For the mind to be productive, there needs to be a balance between misery and euphoria, for some, equilibrium is attained with no small help from music. Euphoria send you into catatonia just as well as depression, especially mixed with coffee and sleeping too much or too little.

Therefore it is important to adjust the consumption of music to the situation. Too much, or too little will be counterproductive.


On consciousness

Being a human, I'm fascinated by qualia, by the nature of conscious experience. So I've thought about that much more than I've written.

Consciousness as the result of computation - First, incomplete rant.
Summary generated by an AI: [Consciousness is a product of computation, and therefore a machine which performs the correct computation could be conscious. If computation is discrete in nature, then consciousness must also be discrete. This suggests that if we were to simulate a brain on a computer, pausing and restarting the simulation would cause a discrete change in consciousness.]

The value of life - Second, noisier rant.
The Attehtion Schema Theory (Michael Graziano) - Seems to agree at least with many of my points.


Conversation with GPT-4 about Neon Genesis Evangelion
On short and long games.txt

Beautiful little things

bar && ( this.foo = bar ); // In javascript

const [a, b, ...rest] = [1, 2, 3]; // Gives you variables a,b as values and rest as an array of the remainding if any.

const {a, b} = { a:1, b:2 }; // Gives you variables a and b as values of keys in object.

const { a:stranger } = { stranger: 1 }; // Gives you variable a from key stranger in object.